Model T6505 Tac Holster

Model T6505 Tac Holster

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Based on the military M12 holster, the T6505 fits a variety of 4 in. and 5 in. semiautos and includes the Quick-Lock belt fastener for attachment to the Bianchi Modular Accessory Panel or equipment belt up to 2.25 in. (58 mm). It's ambidextrous and has both a primary and secondary security strap for additional retention during high stress activities. Rugged Ranger trilaminate construction featuring a ballistic weave exterior, closed-cell foam center and a smooth nylon lining.
Gun Fit- Glock 17
Gun Fit- Glock 20
Gun Fit- Glock 21
Gun Fit- Glock 22
Gun Fit- H&K P2000
Gun Fit- H&K USP 40C
Gun Fit- Smith & Wesson 4006TSW
Gun Fit- Sig Sauer P220
Gun Fit- Sig Sauer P220R
Gun Fit- Sig Sauer P226
Gun Fit- Sig Sauer P226R
Gun Fit- Sig Sauer P229R
Gun Fit- Taurus PT 24/7

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