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Ron Lyons, Owner of Lyons Tactical & Survival Supply

Aa a police officer, Lyons had a 'sixth sense" about drugs and illegal weapons that led him to their discovery in cars during traffic stops. Over time, Lyons received formal training in Drug Interdiction from the US Justice Department -Drug Enforcement Administration and the El Paso Intelligence Center as well as further training in Advanced Highway Drug Interdiction and certifications as a Master Street  Narc, a Drug Recognition Expert and numerous others. Some of Lyons drug seizures still stand today including the largest single seizure of cocaine in the eastern district. Today Lyons spends his time researching, writing and providing quality products to the tactical and survival world. 

Living The Tactical Lifestyle

Tactical Lifestyle or Obsession?

Have you ever shown up for an important family event wearing tactical pants?  Did you have your EDC backpack with you at the time? if you have, you may be just like me: living the tactical lifestyle. Have you put more thought into what is in your bug out bag than what your retirement account looks like? Well, don't feel bad, most of us that live the tactical lifestyle tend to focus on all things tactical and  maybe a little too little on the rest of our world. But, that's ok. I don't suggest being obsessive about anything to the point of ignoring other important things in life, but I have to admit, I get it. 

When you go out to eat, you pay attention to where you sit, who is in the restaurant and probably where you can either take cover to throw lead downrange at the bad guy or how to escape and evade the threat. Quite possibly you have a plan of action for when any particular lost soul decides to attempt a home invasion at your address. Am I right? Of course I am. The fact is, people are safer when you are around, even if they don't know it. But why? Why are we wired this way? What makes you and I think on a different level than most? Why do we feel the need to wear tactical pants, carry a tactical blade clipped inside our pants pocket and be so aware of our surroundings at all times? The answer? We are wired for the tactical lifestyle. We are protectors, or as many would call us, sheepdogs.

So it's not an obsession, it's a way of life. And, sadly, life is exactly what's made it so important to be this way. Mass shootings are much more common these days, criminals without a sense of humanity, willing to knock out an elderly person or some unsuspecting victim just to take their watch, shoes or money. And remember the days of people jumping in to help someone getting robbed or assaulted? Those are over. Now you get cheering crowds urging the assault and capturing every living moment on the phone. No, it's not an obsession, it's just the tactical lifestyle.

What Does The Tactical Lifestyle Look Like?

The really cool thing about living the tactical lifestyle is that it's available to nearly anyone, male, female, big small, you name it. Why? I mean, aren't tactical people fit, loaded with muscles and all cops or military? The long answer is this: no. Now of course if you are on a tactical team responsible for kicking doors and serving warrants, then ya, you better be in shape and capable of doing the job. But, the tactical lifestyle is so much more: it's a mindset. Of course, that mindset pretty much requires you to equip yourself to be able to handle situations and protect yourself and your family. What does that mean? It means that you will probably own a selection of tactical pants and shirts. You will likely be a strong second amendment supporter, and will likely have some form of concealed carry license and weapon system that you are never caught without.  If we were to go look in your closet or dresser, I bet we would find more than one t-shirt or cap with an American flag on it. You probably are conservative in your political leanings and would choose older country music or rock over Justin Bieber, especially since you couldn't name even one of his songs anyways. But, the really cool thing about the tactical lifestyle is that even if you don't fit these likely characteristics, you still fit in.

But how else can you identify a person living the tactical lifestyle? Easy. We are the ones who hop out of our own car and help push someone's broken down car out of the road. We are the ones that can relate to the way that guy on the corner begging for money feels because we have a heart and realize that life is hard. Usually we've seen life in a way that many who only know the pain of waiting in line at Starbucks will never see. So, I guess that to see a person living the tactical lifestyle, you have to look beyond the tactical apparel that they have on. You have to look inside and try hard to understand that we aren't gung-ho paramilitary types. Quite the opposite. That's just what our tactical pants and flag t-shirts may tell you. On the inside we look like protectors, men and women who love our country and the people who call her home. Living the tactical lifestyle is more than black nylon with lots of MOLLE webbing and velcro. (But, of course, that stuff sure makes living the tactical lifestyle more fun.)

What Is The Future Of The Tactical Lifestyle?

These days, the need for living the tactical lifestyle has increased -meaning we have to be on guard, watch our six and be focused more than ever before. Luckily enough, there are many tactical lifestyle websites that deal with everything from tactical apparel to "how-to" information out there that we can access. In fact, one of the very reasons I have created Lyons Tactical is because there is a great need for information, tactical gear and a place for people who live the tactical lifestyle to come together with a sense of unity and common interests. My goal as one of the up and coming tactical suppliers is to provide quality tactical gear at prices that are comparable (and sometimes even better) than you can get on the massive online retailers, AND provide free shipping without the requirement for membership. It's my own way of helping those who are in my tactical community grow and learn together.

So what's the future of the tactical lifestyle? Well, it's a good future. It's bright and promising and made up of some of the best men and women that you would ever want to know. The availability of good, quality equipment and gear is certainly growing and websites like are facilitating the connection between the people who love living the tactical lifestyle and the tactical gear and tactical knowledge that we all demand.

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