Tired Of Nike & Kaepernick? Let Your Voice Be Heard With This Gear

America, The Beautiful

Of course, there was slavery back in the day that Betsy Ross sewed that famous flag together, but there was something more: the freedom to become the kind of country that rescinded the concept of slavery and fostered the truth that all men are created equal. 

Kneeling out of sheer disrespect for the flag under which you have lived a blessed life; one that allows you to make more money than 90% of Americans? Telling a corporation that you are "offended" by a flag on a shoe? A flag that represents the very freedom that allows you to disparage it and change it to represent something totally different? And a corporation that bends to the weight of political correctness? Sometimes we don't recognize this country anymore and we bet you don't either.

Political correctness is unchecked and rampant these days. But, what can you do about it? Speak out. Wear gear that tells the world where you stand. Our America, The Beautiful Collection does just that. We aren't anti-anything except anything that's anti-US. Live your life and do your thing, but stop "politically correcting"  our country. Stop calling us "Everything-phobic" and telling us how bad we are. Instead, try this: call us "America lovers" because that's what we are and that's exactly what we will continue to do!

We celebrate all things America from its people to its military, police, first responders and everything else that makes America great! Don't misunderstand us. If you are an athlete or a major corporation, you can do or say whatever you want to, but that right isn't reserved exclusively for you. Therefore, we claim that right and say God bless America. Let freedom ring.