Tactical Shirts (Including Tactical T Shirts, Long & Short Sleeve)


We have an impressive array of tactical shirts and tactical t-shirts to keep you on point in whatever your mission is. Need a BDU shirt for a weekend drill? How about a few tactical shirts for your next deployment? Lyons Tactical has them all. However, not all tactical shirts are created equally. Be sure to check the details of each of our shirts to discover the quality features that are sure to keep you coming back to Lyons Tactical for more shirts and other great products.

Some of the long sleeve tactical shirts are made of a rip-stop material that can really help alleviate holes and tears when you out your tactical shirt through the wringer. Others are made of a lightweight cotton material that can serve you equally well. May camo patterns are available and all of the basic solid colors as well. 

Almost all tactical shirts have pockets to accommodate all of your gear and extra equipment. Some of the tactical shirts are also equipped for CCW or concealed carry options. Other tactical shirts come in a manner similar to a typical daily wear polo style shirt. These are great for everyday wear or for working a job that requires you to dress up a bit. Throw on one of these styled tactical shirts with a pair of every day wear tactical pants and a pair of our EDW boots to have a perfect combination!

If you have any questions or need assistance, please reach out through the small chat option at the bottom of the screen to chat with us about your needs. We are always here to help!

34 products

34 products