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Very similar to the military BDU pants, this strategically designed pants style are agile, tough and optimized for carrying a weapon or other tools of your chosen use. Today’s tactical pants are built to help you be the best at what you do. From the fabric type to the belt-loop width, every aspect is engineered not only for police officers & military personnel but also for the tactically minded civilian.

We stock a complete line of tactical pants for men and women in a very wide range of sizes. Many of the tactical pants have pockets for knee pads if that's something that you need. Other features that are available include dedicated EDC knife pockets, drawstring leg openings, and flexible waistbands. Multiple pocket configurations are available including slash pockets, thigh pockets, and pockets with flaps that are either secured with buttons or hook and loop material.

The material that tactical pants are made from can be of a rip-stop variety (where a hole or tear doesn't get larger) or simple, durable cotton material. In all cases, our tactical pants are designed to be strong and durable. Please check below each product on the product detail pages for a tactical pants review. If you have questions or need advice on tactical pants, feel free to reach out through the live chat box on the bottom of your screen. We are always happy to help!

How To Buy The Best Tactical Pants

Tactical pants, which are sometimes called BDU pants, are popular choices for military, police and some civilian situations. (What does BDU stand for? Battle Dress Uniform, it's a military acronym.) One can identify a pair of these pants by the abundance of pockets and a typical solid black, olive, Coyote or camouflage color. These pants are more than just amazingly function; they look good too. In our case, we include EMT pants and vintage military pants in our collection.

Interestingly, most people don't know the first thing about tactical pants. In fact many people ask us " What are tactical pants for?' As with most things, it's the details that matter most. So where do you learn about the features? Right here. One thing that we pride ourselves on is providing so much more than just great value for tactical gear. We also offer free training and education on all things tactical and survival related.

You may be asking yourself "What are good tactical pants?" Well, when you decide to shop for tactical pants, you have to consider several things:1. Intended use 2. Requirements or standards by employer or government\r\n3. Fit4. Durability 5. Functionality 6. Look

When looking for tactical pants for men or tactical pants for women, the intended use is critical. An example would be tactical pants made for cold weather are going to be thicker material, which is excellent, except in 100-degree heat. If you are going to be climbing through thorny terrain, you'll need a ripstop material. If you are going to need lots of storage space in the pockets, there are tactical pants with bellowed pockets and others with less space that have flat pockets. Again, it depends on your specific use.

If your tactical pants are going to for use in an official capacity such as military or law enforcement, you will assuredly have requirements and standards with which to comply. One criterion by the US Army is the AR 670-1. To comply with some police organizations, consult your Police & procedure manual for details.

If you are going to be using the tactical pants in some profession where all of the benefits and advantages will be realized, then the choice is primarily up to you. We can certainly help you make the decision. For example, would you prefer straight cut front pockets or maybe the more comfortable to access "slash cut" pockets? How about the flaps on the thigh and back pockets? Do you want button down or hook and loop fasteners? Even the width of the belt loops, the addition or deletion of knee pad pockets, etc. are all considerations we can discuss with you.

As always, if your tactical pants don't fit well, you aren't likely to wear them. Therefore, finding the right fit is essential. Luckily, tactical pants can tend to be very forgiving of different shapes and sizes of people. The adjustable tabs on the sides of many tactical pants make them appealing to users everywhere. Now, some of the pants come with comfort or flex bands in the waist that makes a huge step towards providing long term comfort when wearing them.

The belt loops on tactical pants can be the standard 1/2 inch wide variety, or, more useful, a wider 1.5-2 inch wide belt loop. Of course, the wider belt loops provide much more stability to your belt, especially if you are going to have an under belt and a duty belt on top or if your rig is set up to hold lots of gear. Pay attention to the width of the belt loops when shopping for tactical pants. It matters.

The standard tactical Duty Pants that we sell happen to have the comfort waistband built in. The Tactical pants For Daily Wear are a relaxed fit design that is made for everyday wear. The bottom line is this: we have so many options for you that you will be sure to find the perfect fit for yourself. If in doubt, reach out to us. We can help you quickly and get you what you need.

The durability of tactical pants is a major consideration when shopping for tactical pants. In essence, the material options boil down to a ripstop material that will limit a snag or tear in the material (thanks to the method of sewing a diamond-shaped thread through the material), a durable cotton or cotton blend or a water-resistant synthetic material. But, durability involves so much more than just the stuff the tactical pants are made from.

The actual stitching and reinforcing is maybe the most critical consideration in durability with regards to any BDU or tactical pant. There are just certain areas that need to be reinforced on these pants, one example being the seat area. Imagine being on a mission or operation and having the back side of your tactical pants tear. Another area of concern is the knee area. If the knees are reinforced, you are going to get so many more hours of wear out of the pants.

Double row stitching or some similar proprietary form of reinforced stitching is also advised. Depending on. your body type, you are going to be stressing the tactical pants in so many different directions and from all angles. Double stitching combined used on a durable material and then reinforced in certain areas is the absolute best option for durability. Of course, the price point is directly related to these additional features.

Functionality is quite possibly the most critical consideration when considering tactical pants. After all, the reason you choose a pair of tactical pants over regular pants is that they help you do something better, whether that's your job, a mission, or both.

Tactical pants commonly have lots of pockets. There are usually a sety of cargo pockets on the thighs, a set of regular (deep) pockets on the front and either regular or cargo style pockets on the rear. But, all pockets aren't made the same. Cargo pockets can be of a flat style (thereby holding less gear) or a bellowed type that can expand and hold more gear. TRhe fron pockets can be a level cut opening or slightly angled or what is called a "slash" cut opening. The angle of the cut for the opening has everything to do with how accessible the contents of the pocket are and how easily things could fall out.

Pockets can also be secured by either a hook and loop system or with buttons. It all comes down to personal taste and how you intend to use the tactical pants. No matter what your taste or use demands, we probably have something that will work very well for you.

Speaking of special pockets on tactical pants, many of them have what is called a magazine pocket, usually on the left thigh area that is made to hold an additional magazine for when the deal gets real. An added feature is a small pocket built into the larger top pocket (usually the right side) that is made to carry a folded or closed knife of some sort. The edge of that pocket is designed to provide a place for the clip of the knife to hold on to.

There is so much to consider when shopping for tactical pants. The best way to avoid making a wrong decision is always to buy from Lyonstactical.com and be sure to reach out to our experts when you need help. We do this every day and have the products and the answers that you need! Be sure to check out our LEARN center to get the latest in training, product reviews, and more. We have a quick and straightforward guide to buying tactical pants as well.