These Tactical Combat Boots (Military & Police) Are Some Of The Best

Features Of The Rothco Forced Entry Tactical Boots

Tactical Combat Boots (Military & Police)

Tactical Combat Boots are to your body what tires are to a sports car. You wouldn't put cheap tires on a badass car, so don't put weak footwear on yourself. They say you are only as good as your weakest link. It's true. Check out our Under Armour Valsetz, Options from 5.11 or the many great options from Rothco.

What Are The Best Combat or Tactical Boots?

When you need combat boots, tactical boots, or police boots, we have you covered. Or, more technically, we have your feet covered. Our collection is so extensive, and we have boots for women and men. We have boots with a heel, with steel toes and every type of lacing system possible. The thing about choosing the best tactical boots or the best combat boots boils down to just a few considerations: intended use, price point, comfort level, and desired look.

But before we get into each consideration, let's answer a common question we hear: What's the difference in a tactical boot and a combat boot? The answer? Not much -other than specific designs are possibly more suited to one term or the other. For example, boots with an aggressive tread on the bottom could be better suited to a jungle or wooded use; hence, it might be termed a "combat" boot. On the other hand, a boot with a side zipper and a quiet sole on it may be better suited to tactical use where stealth is more important than climbing a hill in the jungle or a sandhill in the desert. Ultimately, well-made boots can cross over into different categories of use with minimal issue.

The first and primary consideration is intended use. If you are choosing boots for military use, then you will have specific requirements already established by the military that dictates what you can use, such as those falling under AR 670-1 (Army Uniform Standards). Some police departments create requirements as well that will dictate your choice (for example, ISO 9001 Certified Standards). If you are not required to comply with standards set by anyone else, then you will want to consider your use of the boot and make the decision yourself.

There are tactical and combat boots that are made for cold weather like the 8" Side Zip Tactical Boot. Other boots are better suited to being used in wet environments or on rainy days like our Tactical Entry Waterproof Boots. If you have to comply with AR 670-1, then the Forced Entry Tactical Combat Boots are an option. Essentially, everything from steel shanks to steel toes, waterproof, blood and pathogen resistant, and everything in between is available at

The next consideration is the price point. Some people try to go to a big retailer like Wal Mart or get lost on Amazon in the myriad of cheap combat or tactical boot options. The best choice is to know your general budget then come to and search for our possibilities. We are always available to help you decide on the best boot for you. Be aware, boots are one of the most critical elements in your daily gear, so don't cut too many corners here. Blisters, cold freezing feet, a lack of traction, the list goes on and on as to what you can expect from cheap tactical or combat boots.

In the end, you are never going to wear, much less enjoy, a pair of ill-fitting combat or tactical boots. You may get by for a shift or two or a day here and there, but you will ultimately end up disliking your boots so much that you will regret purchasing them. We recommend reading the reviews for each boot and finding the ones that appear to be a good fit for you. Consider the lacing system. Is it a speed lace, a standard lace, or maybe a zipper system? Again, talking to one of our team members about your specific needs is not a bad idea at all. We make ourselves readily available to you so that the best choice can be made.

Finally, the actual "look" you want to achieve is essential. Do you want an aggressive look that says I am a tactical person, or do you want to go more "gray man" and blend into the world around you? Are you planning on blousing your pants over the top of your boots or not? Do you want black, or brown, leather or other material? Consider what the general look is that you will be going for, and you will be much happier in the end.

The materials that our combat and tactical boots are made of include leather, synthetic materials, nylon, and even neoprene. If you need pathogen resistant or waterproof boots, we have them; and, we try to make the boots available at a price that won't break the bank.

If you need help or have questions, please reach out to us, and we will be happy to help you!