Gun Cleaning Supplies [Brushes, Mats, Patches, Solvent]

Gun Cleaning Supplies

Gun cleaning kits and supplies are critical to keeping your equipment in good condition. Check out all of our gun cleaning supplies from full kits to brushes, solvents, patches, mats and more.

About Our Gun Cleaning Kits & Supplies

One of the most critical functions of responsible gun ownership is managing your weapons in a safe way. Second only to that is the requirement that you keep your weapon in clean, working order. We have all of the supplies and kits to show your guns the love they deserve. Some of our kits are made for specific weapons (Like a gun cleaning kit for a Glock 19) and others are more multi-purpose. Depending on your budget, we have options that range from really reasonable to the fairly expensive, specialized kits.

There's nothing quite like the smell of gun cleaning on a nice afternoon. You pull out the gun cleaning mat and supplies, set the radio to something good, maybe grab a cup of coffee and you're on your way. Now if you have a bench to work on, you are ahead of the game. In that case, you may need to invite us over to check out your set up!

We have kits from Winchester, Ruger, Tipton and other manufacturers. We also have solvents, brushes, patches, gun oil and more. If you need a flex rod or a cleaning set for a caliber that isn't commonly stocked at your local sporting goods store, we probably have it! Be sure to check out our other collections as well including Gunsmithing, Gun Cases, Range Bags and more. Things that come in handy but are rarely considered are gloves (we have a large selection) and storage options. As always, if you need help or advice, just reach out to us. We are more than happy to help. You may also want to check out our LEARN center where you can find a list of all of the most important gun cleaning essentials.