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You have everything you need, except for the path to get where you need to be. Don't forget a compass to help you find your way when lost. It matters.

More About Our Compasses

Compasses have been around for centuries. In fact, the first known use of a compass for navigation may have been as early as 1000 AD. Several Chinese Dynasties are known to have used them fairly extensively as well. The function of a common compass is based on the earth's magnetic fields and the propensity of an iron or iron based needle to align with what is known as "magnetic north." Magnetic north is a function of the earth's geomagnetic fields and does not always perfectly align with what is called "true north" or the specific location of the north pole.

Most of the modern compasses feature a needle on a balance point encompassed in some form of liquid that allows the needle to turn more easily and tends to dampen the oscillations in the needle as it finds equilibrium,

Our line of compasses is extensive. We have some of the best brands including Suunto, Cammenga and others. We feature compasses that are made for nearly every possible situation from survival to military orienteering. Sighting compasses, compasses with mirrors, waypoint styles, compasses to wear on your wrist and so many more are included in our collection. As always, if you need help finding the perfect compass for your specific situation, reach out to us, we are always happy to help!