Want To Know How To Build The Best Bug Out Bags?

Bug Out Bags

We may have one of the most extensive lines of all sorts of bags on the market. This page is just a small collection of specifically made bug out bags. Be sure to click the menu or click HERE to see all of our bags. Also, we have one of the most complete, detailed articles on bug out bags you may ever see. Be forewarned though, its the real deal and takes over an hour to fully read. That article can be found HERE

If you are building an EDC (Every Day Carry) Bag, see what our owner and former officer Ron Lyons carries in his bag by listening to THIS EPISODE of the Ron Lyons Tactical Radio Show where Ron outlines what he carries. As always, if you need help or advice, Ron responds to most messages himself through the chat link below or via email.

Information About Our Bug Out Bags

This page has some of our dedicated bug out bags, but it is far from our entire collection. In fact, we have bags that are made by Maxpedition, Red Rock, Bulldog and others. Be sure to check the other pages in the menu under Packs & Bags to see all of the collections. Also, if you are looking for patches for your bug out bag, gear to help organize your bag or survival gear to fill your bag, we have all of that.

Be sure to check out the article linked at the top of the page or jump on over to the LEARN section and look for one of the most comprehensive articles about bug out bags ever written. As always, if you need help selecting a bug out bag or anything else that's related to tactical or survival gear, reach out to us! We are always ready to help.